Car Parking PLC based

In this project we used car parking system. In this we will use IR sensor for car comping and going . for position sensor we used REED switch. Reed switches are magnetic sensors. PLC 14ssr2 used in project for controlling and managing.

Porject contail following parts

  • IR Sensors

  • Relay Control Circuit

  • PLC and its Supply

IR sensor get signal and give pulse to relay circuit. Relay switch PLC input. PLC output is relay circuit. relay output control our motors.

Reed sensor connected at different inputs.

IR sensors

About Infrared circuit

In this circuit we are using infrared sensors. We used 5mm size IR sensors.

Blue colour sensor will be IR transmitter.

Its work in forward bias.

Cathode of IR transmitter is commected to ground . anode is connected to VCC via 200 ohm resistor.

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