PLC based Bootling plant automations

In this project we will make Automation project . In project we will complete two process in plant automation – one is filling of bottle and other is capping of bottles.

Feature in Project-

  • Conveyor System

  • bottle filling System

Conveyor System:

In Conveyor system we will use a conveyor belt around roller. A motor will drive this conveyor.

In Bottle filling system- there will be a water pump to fill the botle automatically. When our bottle will reach at this station a Proximity sensor will sense bottle. We could use infrared or reed switch for this purpose.

Timer will get activated thats mean water pump will get activated for some time . During this period conveyor will stop .

Relay Drive circuit to control pump fillinf water in bottle

H bridge is interface with the microcontroller with the help of opto -coupler circuit.

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