PLC traffic Lights

Project is based on Traffic lights and Programmable Logic Controller. In this project we will use Siemens or delta make PLC. These PLC’s easily available in market because of low cost. Its very easy to program PLC as we read from internet. Everything will be provided by company. Few programming code sample will available on company website. Schneider Electric provides the necessary software to select, configure and programme all Schneider Electric automation hardware and network equipment. This hardware includes Zelio Soft logic relays, basic PLCs, advanced PLCs, safety PLCs, HMIs, variable speed drives, safety controllers, light curtains, SCADA systems and various networks. In similar way delta provide WPL soft. These all are available on on internet free. In project we need 24vDC for PLC . 12 to 24vDC for input and output as according to project required.

About Traffic lights

Traffic lights, also known as traffic signals, traffic lamps,signal lights, robots and semaphores., are signalling devices positioned at or near road intersections, pedestrian crossings and other locations to control competing flows of traffic. Traffic lights were first installed in 1868 in London, United used in almost every city of the world. Traffic lights alternate the right of way accorded to road users by displaying lights of a standard color (red, yellow/amber, and green) following a universal color code (and a precise sequence to enable comprehension by those who are color blind).

In the typical sequence of color phases:

  • Illumination of the green light allows traffic to proceed in the direction denoted, if it is safe to do so

  • Illumination of the orange/amber light denoting prepare to stop short of the intersection, if it is safe to do so

  • Illumination of the red signal prohibits any traffic from proceeding

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