multipurpose mechanical tool machine


multipurpose mechanical tool machine

Components :
Bevel gears
material = mild steel


operation of  project:   operations of project is drilling, sawing, shaping, grinding and cutting. Various machining process in manufacturing industries are carried out by separate machining devices. It needs more space and time that involves high expenses. The operations are categorized as drilling, cutting, shaping, grinding and circular sawing. It is a new concept specially meant to reduce the work time and save the cost. Instead of using a shaping machine, a special arrangement for shaping operation which is involved in the drilling machine, is also used for the cutting operation. This is done to save the added investment cost that occurs during drilling and shaping the device in the industries. The machine operates the drilling machine with the bevel gear arrangements. Hence we can carry out exactly the above mentioned five operations on the machine. Driller, bevel gear, drill bit, chuck, bearings, slotting tool, shaping tool and grinding wheel are the significant parts of the machine

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