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Capstone projects Jalandhar

Smart Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System using Zigbee Technology
Voice Control System for Smart Home using Zigbee Technology
Sensor Helmet for Coal Miners using Zigbee Technology
Patient Monitoring System Using Zigbee
PC to PC & Machine and Machine To Machine Communication Using Zigbee
Automatic Plant Irrigation System with Water Pump Control using Zigbee Technology
Xbee based Greenhouse wireless monitoring and controlling
Xbee based Alcohol consumption monitoring
Xbee based wireless Notice notice board using Rolling display
xbee controlled robot
xbee based home automation
Smart Helmet for Coal Miners using xbee Technology
xbee based Home Automation Wireless Sensor Network
xbee based Mine Safety Monitoring System with GSM
xbee based Home Appliances Controlling through Spoken Commands using Handheld Devices
A wireless solution for greenhouse monitoring and control system based on xBee technology
Performance Study on xBee-Based Wireless Personal Area Networks for Real-Time Health Monitoring
Wireless Home Automation System Using xBee
xbee based Voice Control System for Smart Home
The Use of xBee Wireless Network for Monitoring and Controlling Greenhouse Climate
xbee Wireless Relay Control and Power Monitoring System

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